2017 ATA Schedule

Here is the new 2017 ATA schedule.

Sportsmens Gun and Reel 2017 ATA Schedule

44165 Middle Ridge Road

(440) 233-8287


April 8th

April 22rd

May 6th

May 13th  Champion of Champions

June 10th

June 17nd    Trophy shoot

July 15th      Memorial shoot - Sportsmens Gun & Reel, Two day shoot. First day is at Sportsmens, Second day is at North Lawrence. Trophies are based on shooting at both clubs.

July 16th     Memorial shoot - North Lawrence Fish & Game

July 22th 

August 26th

September 9th

Septmeber 23th

October 7st    National Trap Day


50 pair Doubles

100 Singles

100 Handicap

Registration starts at 9:00 am

Shoot starts at 10:00 am

Targets are $24.00 per 100

ATA/OSTA daily fee $5.00

March Meeting

I'm beginning to sense a pattern here... This Monday, March 7th, is our monthly club meeting of the board and members.  It will begin at 6:00 pm with the board meeting.  Once that has been concluded it will be followed no later than 7:00 pm by the members meeting. Competition season is almost on us, our first ATA event is going to be held April 9th and we still need volunteers to help out with the scheduled events, (schedule to be posted soon or you can find it at the ATA site).  So if you can, please be at the meeting and bring your ideas, willingness to volunteer, potential candidates for hire, donuts, etc. Finally, these club meetings are held according to our by-laws, once a month, every month on the first Monday of the month.  In case you want to book those dates in advance, just trying to be helpful here...

Site Outage

As some of you may have noticed our site was "down" yesterday, 2/24/2016.  We have resolved the problems and seem to be back up and running. Just wanted to say "Thanks" to those who let us know and for us to say to you, "Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused". The dungeon has been reopened, the monsters have had their rations cut and the personnel responsible WILL be dealt with harshly.