2018 ATA Shoot Schedule

Sportsmens Gun and Reel 2018 ATA Schedule

44165 Middle Ridge Road

(440) 233-8287

There will be 12 ATA scheduled shoots in 2018, all on Saturday's, the same as 2017.  The cost is $25.00 per hundred, plus ATA/OSTA daily fee of $5.00, Lewis class option is available.


April 7th

April 21st

May 5th (Cinco de Mayo)

May 12th  Champion of Champions (all 3 disciplines-singles/doubles/handicap)

June 9th

June 16th     Club Trophy Shoot (1st place & runner up by class/singles/doubles/yardage group).

July 14th       Club Memorial Shoot (trophies to be awarded for each class in singles & handicap only), see details in program.

July 21st

August 25th

September 8th

September 22nd  (First day of Autumn)

October 6th    National Trap Day


Practice & Registration starts at 9:00 am

50 pair Doubles, Doubles starts at 10:00 am

100 Singles

100 Handicap

Targets are $25.00 per 100

Pre squad during the previous week, sheets in the club house. All volunteers are welcome for scoring, trap machine, trap house loading & miscellaneous chores.

Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel Entrance

Please remember to use caution when entering the SG&R drive. There are small children that live in the houses at the front of the entrance. It's very important that you drive slowly and watch for children at all times. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.