We Are Open Black Friday

It is a given that clay target enthusiasts are of above average intelligence, have more common sense than most folks, appreciate the joys of living an efficient life not to mention generally being very good looking.  With that in mind it was obvious that most of us have no need to mingle amongst those grasping for supposed deals at the malls, get stuck in traffic jams just to get to the next store or to even visit relatives we have no wish to actually see.  We have already prepared for the upcoming seasons festivities and now need something to do with all of our spare time.  Well give one more Thanks on Thursday the 26th because the next day we will be open from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM,  Come join us for a chaos free day of crushing those little orange targets. And we would also like to mention that when you arrive if you are not a club member but are an active ATA member show your card and you will receive a discount on the rounds you shoot.  This goes not only for Friday, November 27th but for ANY day we are open.

National Trap Day Shoot


Saturday October 3, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Classify and Squad at 9:00 AM The shoot begins at 10:00 AM 50 pair of doubles 100 Singles 100 Handicap This registered event is going to be sponsored by Dawson Enterprises.  There will be door prizes given away between the singles and handicap events.  When you classify and squad you will be given a ticket for the prizes.  As always, you must be present to win... Just a reminder, this was originally scheduled as a 2 day event, it is now a single day, Saturday the 3rd of October.

Club Trophy Shoot & Fish Fry

Saturday, September 12th @ 10:00 AM   50 Pair Doubles 5 Classes – AA, A, B, C, D. First Place – Plaque (10x12) Second Place – Magnet Barrel Rest 100 Singles 5 Classes – AA, A, B, C,  D. First Place – Divided Leather Pouch Second Place – Plaque (8x10) 100 Handicap                                                                                                               Yardage Groups - 18-21,  22-23,  24-25,  26-27 First Place – Leather Pouch Second Place – Leather Box Carrier High All Around 300 Targets –Case Mako Knife Set, (includes: belt buckle, leather sheath, and a tin box) Fish Fry – September 12th                                                                                      SG&R Crushers Youth Team Fundraiser Tickets $20.00 Fresh perch, fries, coleslawroll, dessert, & drink Youth Team Raffle                                                                                                   Savage Rifle, crossbow, and Winchester AA shells

Meeting Announcement

On Monday September 14th at 6:00 PM there will be a Board Meeting, all board members are requested to be there.  Immediately following the board meeting there will be a general membership meeting.  All club members are asked to plan on attending.  As a "Members Only" perk, the club will have the trap, skeet and sporting clays fields open from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  The club will not be open to the public, this is a special, members only time. We would also like to remind everyone that on September 12th we will be having an ATA Trophy Shoot.  The program will be 50 pair of doubles, 100 singles and 100 handicap.  There will be another posting as we get closer to the shoot date with the specifics on the trophies. Again, Monday the 14th for the board meeting and member meeting with the fields open just for us.

Changes to Upcoming ATA Shoots

As we mentioned earlier there are a couple more changes to the ATA schedule for upcoming shoots.
  • The September 12th and 13th shoot has been changed to JUST SEPTEMBER 12
  • The September 12th program will consist of...
    • 50 pair of doubles
    • 100 singles
    • 100 handicap
  • The October 3rd and 4th shoot has been changed to JUST OCTOBER 3rd
  • The October 3rd program will consist of...
    • 50 pair of doubles
    • 100 singles
    • 100 handicap
We are eliminating the Sunday portion of those 2 day shoots and changing the remaining program to a standard format. Thank you for your patience and hope to see you there! SGR