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Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel Mission Statement “The mission of the Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel Club is to provide our members and guests a safe, hospitable venue for the enjoyment of the shotgun sports, to promote organized shooting competitions, to provide opportunities for members, guests, and youth to receive shooting instruction and develop their shooting skills, and to create an atmosphere of good sportsmanship among all we encounter, while keeping firearm safety paramount in the pursuit of these activities.” – Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel Club Officers

Brief Club History Sportsmen’s Gun & Reel Club Started as a club in 1957 and became a non-profit organization founded in 1961. The club purchased 57 acres from James Wagner near the Amherst/Lorain city limits. Many years later, Sportsmen’s Gun & Reel was joined by two other area gun clubs; Avon Rod & Gun and Dover Bay Gun Club. This allowed the addition of two trap fields and two skeet fields. We currently have 5 Trap fields (4 lighted), 2 lighted Skeet fields, and a Sporting Clays Course. 

Board MembersOfficers

  • President: Leonard Rock
  • Vice President: Tim Shaffer
  • Treasurer:  INTERIM
  • Secretary: Joe Adamo
  • Sgt at Arms: Cliff Sewell
  • Trustees: Jim Thornton, Randy Reinhardt. Ken Kamnikar, John Ferguson


  • Trap: Randy Reinhardt (chair), Mike Smeltz, Ken Kamnikar, Leonard Rock
  • Skeet: Scott Adams (chair), Thad Linden, Ray Adams, Paul Metcalf, Norm Palider, Jim Brinks
  • Sporting Clays: Joe Hudak (chair), Eric Broud, Bob Zehe, John Shellenbarger, Pete Galioto, Dave Novak, Mark Rusnak
  • Membership: Tim Shaffer (chair)
  • Building and Grounds: Randy Reinhardt (chair), Ken Kamnikar
  • Club manager: Ed Belke

Membership Information

  • Regular/Family (64 and under) – $125.00
    • Includes your spouse and children 24 years of age or younger for which you are the parent or guardian.
  • Senior (65 and over) – $100.00
    • Include grandchildren 24 years of age or younger.
  • Junior (17 and under) – $50.00
  • Initiation – 75.00
  • Membership applications are available at the front desk in the club house.

Target Rates – member Trap* – $5.00 Skeet* – $5.00 Sporting Clays** – $12.00Non-Member                                                                                                                   Trap* – $8.00 Skeet* – $8.00 Sporting Clays** – $20.00

* – per 25 Targets ** – per 50 Targets

Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel Club Rules

  • Safety is our number one priority at Sportsmen’s Gun and Reel –  “OPEN OR OUT” is our motto.
  • All guns must have the action open and contain no live or empty shells at any time except when the shooter is on the firing line.
  • A shooter may place a shell in the gun only when on a shooting post facing down range.
  • In moving from one post to the next, a shooter shall not walk in front of other shooters and the gun must be unloaded.
  • Always wear adequate ear and eye protection.
  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  • Load only as many shells as you will shoot at one time. If shooting singles or wobble trap, load one shell, doubles two shells. More than 2 shells in a gun at any time is not allowed.
  • The maximum gun gauge is 12 gauge. Maximum shot size allowed is 7 1/2 for all shooting disciplines and games. Maximum shell length is 2 3/4 inches.
  • Keep the gun unloaded while moving from station to station.
  • All shooting shall cease when thunder and/or lightning is present in the area.
  • Shooting shall be from designated shooting stations only.
  • While on the club grounds, guns must be held in a safe direction, toward the ground and away from other people.
  • A shooter using a gun with a release trigger must be extra cautious in order to preserve safety on the range and must have a blaze orange marking on the pistol grip.
  • Make sure no one is in the house before you begin a round or skeet or trap. If the orange cone is visible on the trap house, do not begin shooting.
  • Do not take a position on the firing line that is forward of another shooter. Never bend over and pick up empty shells until the round is over.
  • Do not use alcohol or mood altering drugs, including medication while shooting.
  • Never discard a misfired shell on the ground.
  • Only authorized personnel will be allowed to fill or work on the traps. Never walk in front of the trap house when the thrower in ON. If the orange cone is not on top of the house assume the machine is ON.
  • Only 5 shooters on the firing line during practice trap shooting.
  • In case of a misfire, keep the muzzle pointed down range and take your finger off the trigger; wait 30 seconds in case of a delayed fire. If you need assistance, while pointing the gun down range raise you free hand and ask for assistance.
  • Any incident involving an accidental discharge any place except on shooting stations with the gun pointed down range, will cause immediate suspension of a shooter’s privileges until the incident has been reviewed by the Executive Board.
  • Snap caps are forbidden.
  • Hunting is prohibited on the grounds
  • If using the steel patterning board, insure there are no vehicles parked close enough to incur “splatter” from lead shot. You will be responsible for any damage.

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