We did our best to have a meeting Monday evening, really, we did.  But there are times in life when circumstances just get in the way of your best plans and it all just kind of sits there looking, well, kind of silly.  We didn't have enough board members present for a quorum (simple majority) so we couldn't conduct any official business, especially the election.  The board members did get together on Monday and made the decision that we should have a ONE TIME ONLY special Saturday meeting and election. The board members will be meeting at 8:00 AM and after they are done there will be a members meeting.  That should start NO LATER THAN 9:00 AM.  Once that business has finished, the election for club officers and trustees will take place. For anyone reading this who is NOT a member, first off shame on you; join, join now! Second we will be open for business at the regular time, 9:00 AM.  Please get your tokens and coffee as you would normally and ignore all the arguing and possible throwing of furniture.  And be jealous of the fact that you are not yet part of all this excitement. And another one of those annoying reminders about annual dues.  Pay them, pay them now!